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Rocks Off - Touch of Velvet -Yellow

Rocks Off - Touch of Velvet -Yellow
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Sweet Seduction Feel the enchantment that Touch of Velvet's smooth vibrations deliver, whilst it's precision points tenderly tease and ignite your sweet spots allowing you to feel your orgasm blossom and grow again and again.
- Afmetingen : 9,6cm x 1,7cm x 1,7cm
- Gewicht : 28ggr
- Werkt op batterijen
- Inclusief batterijenAAA
- Afmeting verpakking : 16,3cm x 5,1cm x 4,2cm
- Gewicht incl. verpakking : 76
- Frabrikant : Rocks-Off
- Serie : Rocks Off
- Geproduceerd in : China
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Rocks Off


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